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Timofey Yuriev | Тимофей Юрьев

Sci-Fi "Reflections" Within the Water Lies Death...and Life

We are all made of water, it brings us life. It can also bring death. Every so often, someone dies in the ocean, rivers, lakes...and sometimes, they return. They appear to those who knew them, only for a short time, then disappear again. They do not speak, they observe. No one knows why they return, whether it is to feel, to see, to experience, to live again, or whether they just became a part of the greater living entity, the water itself. All we know is that these events have been occurring for a long time.

Created by: Timofey Yuriev | www.yuriev.tv
Camera: Laurie Melton, Donna Roses, Timofey Yuriev
Cast: Seaman - Tony Galligani, Timofey Yuriev
Wife of a seaman - Donna Roses
Running man - Konstantin Yuriev
Cops - Constantine Karmadonov and Denis Melnik
Voiceover: Donna Roses, Sherri Valenti, Timofey Yuriev, Tony Galligani
Special Effects, Editing, Sound: Timofey Yuriev
Locations: Fire Island, New York, USA; Ust-Ilimsk, Russia; Toronto, Canada.

©2007 DesignKarma Inc.
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