Girl Least Likely To (franticalities) wrote in gtafilmmakers,
Girl Least Likely To

wanna get involved in documentary filmmaking?


Looking for a researcher for a 4th year documentary film about the anus.
Yes, the anus!
If you are a history/journalism/film/anything major who is good at digging up information, you are wanted!

I am looking for somebody to research the history of the anus- social views towards it over time, medical notions of it, images of it, filmms about it, as far back as research will allow.

You will be credited in the film, and will gain valuable film researching experience that will make you an asset on future documentary film sets. It's a really fun gig, and I wish I could do it myself, but I am directing the film and am out on shoots too often to research as much as the film requires.

You will also receive a credit in the film, a copy of the film, and a small (we're talking 50-100 bucks) honorarium.

Message here if you're interested.

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