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Heather B

On Set Film School

On Set Film School

Train now, work on films this summer!
Application Deadline: April 21st, 2006

Brought to you by Dream Coast Entertainment Inc. (www.dreamcoast.com), the On Set Film School gets you trained and working on an actual film set. In one week, go from 'novice' to 'networked' and ready for your next job. No prior film experience is required.

Learn from our professional instructors. Then, work under them on the set of a three-day shoot for the film "Charlie", being produced for broadcast on Bravo!, Canada's entertainment channel. Starring Patrick McKenna (Traders, The Red Green Show), the film will be shot on Super 16 mm and will be shown at festivals around the world.

Fast track your career to becoming a professional Grip, Gaffer, Director of Photography, Script Supervisor, Still Photographer, Assistant Director, Art Director, or Costume Designer. Learn how to qualify to join a union and get work on big feature film productions, just as the busy summer film schedule gets underway.

You will receive 12 hours of in-class, hands-on training from working film industry professionals, as well as three days on set experience working on the film, in your chosen department. All Interns receive Completion Certificates at the end of the course, as well as full contact information for the professional crew members they have worked with, a DVD copy of the finished film, and an invitation to the exclusive Cast and Crew screening of the film.

For more information: www.onsetfilmschool.com.
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