Crucified (cruc) wrote in gtafilmmakers,

Looking for (mildly) experienced personel

Greetings, Programs!

The story so far is thus: we've cast, and mostly crewed our 22-30 minute long production, but we're desperately in need of people with experience in sound. We can make do with a single DP, and a single PA, but two sound operators are really ideal; this way, we can have one person to hold the boom, and another to mix. In either case, if you have limited experience, we can teach you.

The film is (as I said) a 22 minute long short following the fictional rise to fame of a Toronto-based improv troupe, The Accidental Company. We'll probably be shooting within the next two weeks, and for a scattered period of about a month, working to everyone's schedule. Even if you'd just like to help out in other areas, leave your email address and we'll work something out.

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