megan (petitcanadienne) wrote in gtafilmmakers,

Filming locations for a period piece in Toronto

Hey Toronto,

I'm part of Homegrown Productions, a company from Ryerson University who are filming a 22 minute pilot for our fourth year major production. It's based on the famous Boyd gang that robbed banks in Toronto after world war two. It's a great, exciting story but the problem is it that it is a period piece, which makes finding locations difficult (1948-1951). We're currently looking for locations for shooting. What we really need is an old bank, that is shutting down or closed where we can shoot. Are there any closed banks in Toronto that are older (example made before 1950). ANYWHERE in toronto or nearby in towns like Guelph are amazing as well. Any leads on a bank would be great. Or buildings that could look like an old bank like a closed railway station.

Other locations we're looking for:
-a house/apartment to shoot interior and exterior shots in an older neighbourhood.
-an alley in an older apartment.
-a Church. like St. Mary Magdalene.
-another house/apartment to shoot interior and exterior shots in an older neighbourhood with a porch and backyard.
-an old diner.

And ideas or leads would be very much appreciated!

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Damn. It looks like you might have to try the distillery, and East Toronto. (or the west end down by Liberty village...). I can't say I know where a good bank would be, but there was one on the corner of Bathurst and Bloor... but it's been gutted and postered, so it's no good.
Damn (x2). Those are tough locations to find! I'd try taking a few walks with a camera on the East end of the city- that part seems a little older to me.

Good luck!
yeah, i know!
That's our main problem right now, alot of buildings get re-done so quickly.
I will definitely try out in the east end thogh, that's a good idea.

thank you!
Yeah, I'd recommend checking out the distillery district as well.

In terms of a bank, there's a building that was the site of a bank built in the 1830s I believe. The inside of the building has been totally renovated, but the old doors at the entrance are still intact, so if you wanted to film some scenes right at the entrance, on the stairs leading up to it, for example, that might be a possibility (if the current tenants give permission, of course) - I believe the company that's there now is called "Harbinger Communications", or something like that. At any rate, the big old doors are kind of cool.