megan (petitcanadienne) wrote in gtafilmmakers,

EXTRA EXTRA! Girl needs old time newspapers and art direction help!

Okay, so, I'm in a bit of dilema. Homegrown Productions is a fourth year Ryerson University practicum group that is producing a fantastic period piece entitled “The Bank Gang” based upon Canada’s most notorious bank robbers, the Boyd Gang. I'm the art director for the HDTV pilot episode and I need to re-create a few Canadian newspapers from the 1948 time period.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find much. I've been considering just trying to use my printer to make it and maybe age it a bit, but I'd prefer to have it printed somewhere. We need to have two seperate papers with two different, custom headlines as to fit for our script, the rest of the newspapers can have whatever content. Has anyone done this before or have any ideas? We're also cheaper is better!

Also, for the very same pilot, I need some help in the art direction area. I need someone to help me shop, pick up props, assist with costume fittings, do crafty things like make fake money, and help with dressing on set. I’m looking for help this week if possible (Sunday-Wednesday) and then in the New Year to help prep and on shoot days, January 2nd until the 8th. Ideally, I’d like someone to commit to all of these dates, but if you can only help out a few of the days, that’s fine as well. I’m looking for someone with a keen interest in art direction and design and preferably someone with experience in a related field. As payment for your assistance you’ll get a DVD copy of our product, a credit and some delicious treats. If this interests you, please feel free to drop me an email at m7wilson at ryerson dot ca.

We're also looking for these items in the 1930's-1950 time period:
-an old fridge
-an old stove/oven
-a kitchen tabe
-posters and maps of Toronto
-any costume, hats, anything!

Thanks Toronto!
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